Public Statement

Published on Monday, 14 March 2022

Los Ángeles, March 14, 2022 - On Saturday, March 12, 2022, a group of people led by María Curriao Reinado, who has been blocking access to Central Pangue since January 24, 2022, violently invaded our facilities. They forced their way into the plant and forced our security and service personnel to abandon their jobs. The situation seriously compromised the power generation units' operational continuity, the hydraulic works' integrity, and the safety of our personnel and contractors.

Such forceful actions endanger Pangue Plant's power generation  (467 MW) and other power plants belonging to the Bío-Bío basin totaling 1496 MW. This case put the electricity supply at risk, even more so in our current energy shortage. Likewise, hydraulic works of the Pangue dam were compromised, affecting the water supply for irrigation and other activities that depend on this vital resource and potentially having severe consequences on the population and infrastructure of the dam's basin downstream.

Mrs. Curriao is in the midst of legal proceedings. Families in her community are suing her for failing to disclose the destination of 300 million pesos received in favor of Pehuenche families. The funds were granted in the context of an agreement signed by Enel and community members in 2017. A majority of the community members led by Mrs. Curriao initially requested her removal as president and created a new organization still in force today.

Enel has filed repeated complaints with the Public Prosecutor's Office requesting protection measures to safeguard its workers and facilities in response to this serious situation. In addition, we have informed the Superintendency of Electricity and Fuels of the problem (letters of January 24, February 11, March 4, and March 10, 2022). Under the powers assigned to the institution by law, we have requested all necessary measures to ensure the Pangue Hydroelectric Power Plant's operational normality, essential for the National Electric System's safety. We have also informed this case to the National Electric Coordinator, Police, and the Biobío Regional Presidential Delegate, who is responsible for public order and population safety throughout the territory.

Although the Public Prosecutor's Office decided to deliver protection to our company and workers and the request from SEC to the Provincial Presidential Delegate for Police assistance to restore free access to the plant's facilities was granted, to date, we have not received the required help.