Enel Chile and Enel Generación are Chile’s first power companies to certify their anti-bribery management system

Published on Friday, 1 February 2019

·         Enel Chile and Enel Generación Chile obtained ISO 37001 certification, an international standard that recognizes the existence of an effective anti-bribery management system.

Santiago, February 01, 2019.   With the aim of promoting and consolidating an ethical and transparent culture in its companies, the Enel Group in Chile has obtained the ISO 37001 certification for the companies Enel Chile and Enel Generación Chile, an international standard that recognizes that companies have a solid anti-bribery management system in place. In this way, they become the first power companies in the country to certify their anti-bribery management system.

 "We are proud that Enel Chile and Enel Generación are the first companies in the Chilean energy market to obtain this certificate. It is a very strong signal that we are sending to the country and to the market, since it is a third party that verifies that all internal processes are functioning  in accordance with the law which transmits transparency and security for investments," said Paolo Pallotti, Enel Chile’s CEO.

The evaluation and certification of the ISO 37001 standard was carried out by the RINA certifier, which performed the verification process of the standard for Enel Chile and Enel Generación Chile between October and December 2018. This consisted in a rigorous analysis of the Companies’ main activities in which employees from all areas were interviewed.

 "The Enel Group has been working proactively for many years to design, implement, and maintain a compliance system that is inspired by the best international practices. Obtaining this certificate places us in a leading position in the region in the management system for the prevention of all crimes related to corruption, which is also a challenge since we have to keep our standards very high," stated Raffaele Cutrignelli, Enel Chile’s audit manager.

The ISO 37001 standard aims to combat bribery and promote an ethical, transparent, open, and compliant culture within the company. The standard ensures the implementation of a management system against bribery to all interested parties: owners, investors, suppliers, and business partners. It generates greater confidence in the market, it upholds the value of the brand, increases the value of the shares, and is part of the sustainability indicators.