Enel Distribución Offers Advice to Avoid Electricity-Related Accidents this Christmas

Published on Tuesday, 6 December 2022

  • Last December, the company received 102 calls for incidents related to the use of Christmas decorations.
  • This represents a 39% decrease since Christmas of 2020, as proof of greater awareness around the topic.


Santiago, December 6, 2022 – Just a few short weeks from Christmas, many families are preparing their homes to celebrate, putting up the tree, and decorating their houses with lights and accessories. However, the risks associated with these activities cannot be ignored, especially regarding fires and electrocutions caused by poor electrical connections. In fact, each December, there are cases of children and adults who suffer burns after coming in contact with electricity.

Within this context, Enel Distribucion presented its prevention campaign "Navidad Segura 2022" (Safe Christmas 2022, in English) this morning, with live demos of fires started from the improper handling of Christmas decorations. The company also called the community to be on the side of precaution and self-care. It offered practical recommendations to avoid electricity-related accidents during this holiday season, such as using SEC-certified lights, preferring thick-wire lights, or avoiding decorating outside trees.

"Every year, we share best practices and tips for families to decorate their homes for Christmas so that they have the necessary information to take the necessary precautions and avoid accidents. While the number of electricity-related accidents has dropped since last year, and we can see a greater awareness around the issue, we still maintain our call to stay safe when enjoying this holiday season. Installing lights without experience or the proper safety equipment may increase the risk of electrocution and fire, also threatening the community's electricity supply," explains Víctor Tavera, CEO of Enel Distribucion.

In December 2021, Enel Distribucion received 102 calls for electricity-related accidents due to overloads inside homes resulting in fires or sparks. This is 39% lower than during the 2020 holiday season and is proof of greater awareness of the risks of improper handling of Christmas decorations.

In this sense, the "Safe Christmas" campaign looks to better prepare residents and provide the necessary information to reduce electrical accidents and the risk of electrocution. Also, fires inside homes may be caused by Christmas decorations, electrical outlets, extension cords, light bulbs, and Christmas lights without the necessary precautions.

Finally, it is essential to mention that handling uncertified Christmas decorations - inside and outside the home- may cause electrocutions or fires and put the community's electricity supply at risk.

Some recommendations:

  • Purchase lights from an SEC-certified company. This offers the confidence that you will be lighting your Christmas tree using safe products that will not overheat or cause electrical issues that may lead to severe accidents.
  • Buy thick-wire lights since thin wires can tear, crack or melt from the electrical current, and if you are using the same lights as last year, make sure the cables are not damaged or cut. If they are, throw them out.
  • Do not overload the home's electrical system with excessive Christmas decorations to avoid overheating the wires, lights, or Christmas tree.
  • Avoid decorating outside trees, as these areas are often watered and humid, increasing the chance of electrocution.
  • Use and install extension cords and surge protectors with caution. Not only do you run the risk of overload, but children and pets can get tangled up and run the risk of electrocution.


More tips and information online at https://www.enel.cl/es/conoce-enel/navidad-segura.html