Enel Distribución gave Green Seal to Turner Chile, which certifies that the tv station facilities operate with renewable energies

Published on Thursday, 17 January 2019

Santiago, January 17th, 2019 - Enel Distribución gave its “Green Seal” to Turner Chile, by means of which it certifies that 100% of the power consumed by the TV station facilities – which includes Chilevisión, CNN Chile, and the Canal del Fútbol (CDF) - is injected into the National Electric Power System through Non-Conventional Renewable Energy (NCRE) since April 2018. This makes them the first Chilean TV media to have this type of certification.

This involves 6,000 Mwh every year of Non-Conventional Renewable Energy, the equivalent of the consumption by 2,000 households during one year.

Non-Conventional Renewable Energy is a reality, assuming an increasingly relevant role in the country’s electric power matrix. That is why we have created the first certification in Chile that allows certifying that the power supply of free clients is 100% clean, representing a substantial contribution to the mitigation of the environmental impact of their operations”, indicated Paolo Pallotti, Enel Chile’s CEO.

Enel Distribución’s “Green Seal” recognizes the reduction of Turner Chile’s environmental impact regarding its of its facilities.

Turner Chile’s Executive President, Jorge Carey commented that “we are very happy with this acknowledgement and even more so due to the fact that we are the first media conglomerate in Chile to have received it.  At Turner Chile we not only have to be a source of information on issues that are changing the world, such as our “Futuro 360” multi-platform, but, as a company, we must also be able to effectively meet the environmental criteria, beginning with the management of our operations”.

The accreditation certifies that the power supplied has been injected into the National Electric Power System through NCRE generation, which is authenticated by a third party (Green Solutions), and also includes a distinctive “Green Seal” which the company may use freely at will.

This initiative happens at a time in which Chile is a world leader in the use of Non-Conventional Renewable Energy. In this way, Enel Distribución and Turner Chile become strategic partners, sharing their commitment towards environmental protection and energy efficiency.