63% of Enel's installed capacity in Chile is renewable

Published on Wednesday, 20 March 2019

In Chile, Enel has taken clear steps towards increasingly cleaner energy production, which was evident in the group's electricity production in 2018, which represented 44% of the country's total renewable capacity.

Enel plays a central role in the generation market in Chile, contributing with its diversified and increasingly efficient and renewable generation matrix, leading the energy transition being experienced by the energy sector in the country, with strong growth in production with renewable energy.

The CEO of Enel Green Power Chile and Enel Generación Chile, Valter Moro, highlighted the group's position in the country's energy market and the commitment that this implies.

“We are the leading renewable energy operator in the country, with 4.7 GW of installed capacity in the four technologies: hydroelectric, solar, wind, and geothermal. In addition, we have assumed the commitment and challenge of building new projects with renewable technology. In December of this year alone, we will have four plants under construction, one for each technology, precisely leading the country's energy transition”

– Valter Moro, CEO of Enel Green Power Chile and Enel Generación Chile

This situation of the national market is due to the fact that conditions exist for investing in this type of technology. For Enel, the development of its generation matrix has a clear focus on production based on renewables and for that purpose it contemplates more than 1,000 MW of new capacity with these types of sources, which will be incorporated gradually over the next three years.

In this way, Enel's planned investment for the 2019-2021 period includes an approximate amount of US$ 1,400 million for renewable energy projects, with the aim of incorporating about 1,1 GW of additional installed renewable capacity to the system.

This year, work will continue on the construction of power plants in each of the four renewable technologies, all in line with the company's Industrial Plan. This includes Los Cóndores generating approximately 150 MW of hydroelectric energy.  Construction will also begin on three new plants, using solar, wind, and geothermal power.  The latter involves the expansion of Cerro Pabellón.