Enel X Way is the official smart charging partner at “Experiencia E,” the country’s largest e-mobility trade fair

Published on Friday, 21 October 2022

  • The country's biggest e-mobility trade fair is active at Espacio Riesco until this Sunday, October 23.


Santiago, October 21, 2022. Enel X Way, the official smart charging partner for electric vehicles, is participating this weekend at Experiencia E. The company has implemented 10 Juice Box charging stations in the pit zone, where visitors can experience the tracks and test-drive electric vehicles of some of Chile's most important manufacturers.

Enel X Way also invites the public to live like a professional race car driver for the day. With an exclusive Formula 1 simulator, guests can experience the adrenaline rush of driving in the most incredible racecar competitions worldwide.

“With experiences like those offered today at the Experiencia E fair, we want to promote e-mobility, raise awareness of its uses, and bring it to all sectors. Experiencia E proves that sustainability is possible, even in Formula E races, where the demands are much greater. Today we’re seeing a greater penetration of 100% electric cars in our country. Electrification is a necessary change to protect the environment," says Jean-Paul Zalaquett, C.E.O. of Enel X Way Chile.

This e-mobility fair, the country’s largest, will be held at Espacio Riesco until October 23. Experiencia E is an international showcase of electromobility and renewable energy. It is open to professionals from industries interested in learning about and implementing solutions in the transition to e-mobility.

Experiencia E is an opportunity to experience, promote, and showcase the latest innovations and trends in the transformation to electromobility and the use and implementation of Renewable Energies. It also promotes the Triple Bottom Line of Sustainability, focused on addressing current needs without compromising future generations, creating a balance between economic growth, care for the environment, and social well-being. The fair includes representation of 80 brands, and e-vehicle test-drive and e-kart tracks.

About Enel X Way


Enel X Way is the new Enel Group company dedicated entirely to electrical mobility. Enel X Way operates in 16 countries and manages around 380,000 charging stations worldwide through interoperability agreements. As a global platform for e-mobility, Enel X Way focuses on developing technologies and flexible charging solutions to improve the user experience, enabling the electrification of transport for consumers, companies, cities, and governments.